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The Multifunctional Robotic Platform for Property and Facility Management

Nationwide Deployments

RUNO is maintaining a growing variety of properties across North America.


sqft cleaned
City Lights



RTK GPS, Lidar, and CV all in a single machine

In order for ViaBot to navigate expansive areas and a variety of environments, we've designed and utilize separate indoor and outdoor autonomy stacks that incorporate 3D models and dynamic path planning. This allows our robots to work without physical boundaries through the utilization of RTK GPS and computer vision.



Different Tools, Self-Charging, Self-Emptying

RUNO is equipped with a docking station that allows the system to self-charge and self-empty. The module (tool) can also be "hot-swapped," allowing the robot to pick up different tools for different tasks. We're commited to developing new modules to allow RUNO to do even more, with sights on pressure washing, surveillance, security, and more.



Various sensors including depth cameras

We've equipped RUNO with a variety of environmental sensors, including ultrasonic proximity sensors, sonar, and depth cameras. With all of these working together, RUNO will avoid any unexpected obstacles that may cross its path. With our proprietary software and teleoperation capabilities, you can rest easy knowing that RUNO operates safely and without the need for human intervention.



Intuitive UI and multi-robot management

The MyViaBot dashboard allows clients to see and download reports of the work that was completed, adding accountability to tasks and ensuring maximum efficiency of the system. The map view provides fleet tracking and also alerts clients to burden areas that may require attention.


Check out sweeping with RUNO


Explore security with RUNO

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Contact Us

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