Reasons to keep your parking lot clean.

Parking lot sweeping is something that people normally don't really think about. When clients and consumers visit a store, most wouldn't talk about how clean a parking lot looks. However, they will notice if the lot is littered with trash and debris and may turn away and take their business elsewhere. It's difficult and expensive for property managers and landlords to maintain the exterior of their property and many times, the parking lot is left out of the equation. Below are some reasons we shouldn't overlook the importance of maintaining a clean parking lot.

1) It makes a good first impression for new clients and customers.

2) Increases traffic into your store and creates a nice environment for employees to come to work.

3) Highlights the other improvements you made to the exterior and landscaping of your property rather than distracts from it.

4) Reduces chances of slipping on debris which reduces potential liability.

5) Protects the paving from dirt and debris which could cause plants to grow and crack the pavement.

6) Keeping the lot clean will reduce pests and rodents that invade your property.

Why use RUNO for your outdoor maintenance needs?

At ViaBot, we offer our robot to live on your property! Essentially, you will get your own personal robot to sweep the parking lot whenever you want. Here are some benefits to using RUNO on your property.​

1) Allows you to get daily sweeping, something that could cost hundreds of dollars a day with current solutions.

2) Always on the property so you don't have to worry about no-shows.

3) Will keep and eye out for bad weather and delay scheduled tasks for later should there be poor conditions.


4) Visually see on a digital map where RUNO has swept so you're not left wondering whether the work was done.

5) You have full control of when and where you want RUNO to work.

6) RUNO is built to be multifunctional so one robot will be able to do different tasks including but not limited to sweeping and lawn mowing.​

7) Become one of the first to adopt robots on your properties!


Note: Features may change depending on demand.


The Robotic Sweeper for Large Properties

ViaBot™ has developed RUNO, the autonomous multi-functional robot that can take care of your outdoor facility management tasks.


Whether it’s your parking lot, walkway, courtyard, or another outside venue, RUNO can easily be there to take care of outdoor tasks. Best of all, RUNO requires absolutely no annoying boundary wires ever.


Starting in 2019, RUNO will be capable of sweeping, but there’s more to come!


Demos and pilots are currently underway. If you are located in the California Bay Area, click the button below to schedule a demo to see RUNO in person now!

For all Non-California based ViaBot™ fans, send us a demo request to let us know where you want to see RUNO go next!

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