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Modern Building

At ViaBot, we deploy and station RUNO on your site and task the unit to work daily. Providing you with a reliable tool that helps create cleaner, safer and healthier environments.


Our team of advisors work closely with you to tailor RUNO’s daily tasks to your specific site needs and to ensure optimal efficiency of the system. 


Through our subscription based model….All hardware, parts, consumables, and maintenance costs are included in a predictable monthly fee. 

For Property Owners and Managers:

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Take more control of your operations by bringing services in-house

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Enhance facility image and achieve a consistent level of clean across your facilities, properties and brands

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Reduce bid work and enjoy predictable costs with hardware, parts, consumables and maintenance included

For Facility Managers:

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Optimize labor and increase productivity by freeing up staff to focus on other important tasks

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Reduce the frequency of high-cost, time consuming project work by leveraging daily sweeping

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Expand your team, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce costly turnover and training costs

Parking Lots Owners & Managers:

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RUNO can navigate and work in multiple environments including commercial districts, office complexes, campuses, hotels, parking garages, surface lots and more

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Provide clients with a consistent level of clean and enhanced facility image

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Prevent costly and premature damage to surfaces by implementing daily sweeping

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