See why you should use RUNO today!

For Real Estate Property Managers:


Make sure sweeping is done with transparency and a higher satisfaction rate

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Allows you to get daily sweeping without worry about delays and no-shows

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You have full control of when and where you want RUNO to work on your property

For Facility Managers:


Reduces chances of slipping on debris, which reduces potential liability.

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Reduces maintenance costs as well as improving quality of cleaning service 


Get 24/7 sweeping services, something that could cost hundreds of dollars a day with current solutions 

Parking Lots Owners & Managers:

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RUNO can navigate and work in multiple environments including commercial districts, campuses, hotels, airports, parking garages, etc.

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Allows flexible schedules for sweeping services with relatively low cost 


RUNO protects the paving from dirt and debris, which could cause weeds to grow and crack the pavement 

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