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How can RUNO help your business?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

While there are many different forms of robots available to handle jobs like vacuuming and lawn mowing, ViaBot's RUNO has managed to differentiate ourselves with a brilliant combination of technical capability and user experience. We built RUNO


On the technical side, multiple tools/functions could be applied on a single platform with 24/7 operation capabilities. Why attempt to quick charge batteries when our robot can autonomously swap them out and get more utility? While one battery is charging, another one could be in use by the robot. Our trash station attachment allows us to provide RUNO with the ability to empty itself and increase the amount of debris it can pick up, meaning there's no down time waiting for someone to empty the robot bin. With an RTK GPS navigation system, depth cameras and proximity sensors, this product lives up to the promise to provide innovative solutions for safe, flexible and economical cleaning of commercial & industrial properties.

On the user experience side, ViaBot’s products are able to provide sweeping service in both outdoor and parking garage environments without human intervention. Each one of our clients receive access to our MyViaBot Portal to allow them to generate reports and see the work that each of their robots are doing. This allows us to provide accountability in a field where the only way to know if the job was done was to physically go out and do an inspection. This made it a lot easier to make sure the work was being done during COVID and we can still do the same for you post-COVID.

Get RUNO on your property today by clicking below and let us know what you want to hear about next by leaving us a comment!

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